Resources for responsible gambling

Staying Safe and Playing Responsibly Online

Resources For Responsible Gambling: Where To Find Support

Poker and other online games can be incredibly enjoyable when approached responsibly. However, for some, the line between fun and potential harm can be blurred. Recognizing that you or someone you know might need support is the first step toward regaining control. It’s important to remember that help is available, and you don’t have to walk this path alone.

Here’s a breakdown of where to access different types of support:

Confidential Helplines

Many organizations are dedicated to providing confidential resources for problem gambling. These helplines are often staffed by trained professionals who understand addiction and offer non-judgmental support and guidance.  Find your regional or national hotline via a simple online search.

Online Resources

Reputable websites like [include names of major responsible gambling organizations] offer a wealth of information. Here, you’ll find self-assessment tools, advice on setting limits, tips for managing urges, and recovery support. Often, they have forums where you can connect with others going through similar experiences.

Support Groups

Organizations like Gamblers Anonymous offer a safe and supportive environment to share your journey with others on the path to recovery. Meetings are available online and in-person, fostering a sense of community and providing proven strategies for coping.

Professional Help

Therapists specializing in gambling addiction can be invaluable.  They help address underlying causes, develop coping mechanisms, and provide personalized support throughout the recovery process. Your local health services or the organizations listed above can often provide referrals.

Online Gaming Platform Tools

Many online gaming platforms, including, offer responsible gaming tools. These include options to set deposit limits, time limits, reality checks, and access to self-exclusion programs. Visit our website to learn more.

Seeking Help For Others

If you are worried about a friend or family member’s gambling habits, reach out to support organizations for advice on approaching the topic and ways to offer support. Remember, expressing your concern in a compassionate and non-judgmental way can make a huge difference. Your Partner In Responsible Gaming

We are committed to fostering a safe and enjoyable poker environment for everyone. Explore the responsible gaming resources on our platform and reach out to the support organizations if you or someone you know needs help.